Developing interactive graphics is addictive

Tags: technologydesign

I love working with interactive graphics, specially on the web. It’s very easy to share my projects with others, as you only need to send a link and immediately they have access to an interactive application that combines design, art, mathematics, and algorithms. Another advantage of the web is the amount of APIs that modern browsers integrate. CSS, SVG and Canvas are enough to create applications with a good design and appearance. You don’t even need a Javascript framework. Plain modern Javascript is more than enough for most of my projects.

Programming them quickly turns into an obsession. I make a change, press F5, I test it and repeat. I haven’t found this virtuous cycle of seeing how your code turns into images and attractive graphics anywhere else.

Sure, the projects I show on my website have little practical utility. But that doesn’t matter, the things I learn when working with them are invaluable. Art and design alone are fascinating disciplines, but combined with programming they turn into something much better.