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Comet NEOWISE - July 18, 2020

Comets are unexpected visits. Sometimes they seem to promise a spectacle unlike any other, only to then disintegrate when passing to close to the sun.

C/2020 F3 appeared in the night sky in middle of a global pandemic (once again reinforcing the bad reputation that comets have of announcing tragedies), and although it isn't as bright as others, it's possible to see it with the naked eye and photograph it.

Unfortunately, it's not here to stay. Its extreme trajectory won't bring it back until several millennia later. It will slowly lose brightness until it can only be seen by the most powerful telescopes.

NEOWISE was so unexpected, that it became visible just months after it was discovered. Which tells a lot about the number of comets that we haven't found yet, maybe on their way to the sun, and with luck, will create a spectacle on earth.