Now Generated by Hugo

Tags: technology

I finally got to work and moved the website to Hugo. It took me some time to understand how all its features worked together, but its great documentation really helped a lot.

I was using pandoc for converting my markdown files to HTML since I was familiar with how it worked and was using it to convert some documents to PDF for a while. It has a simple templating system that was good enough for the job. As I started introducing more dynamic content to the website (such as this blog!) I started relying on external scripts that generated markdown files before passing them to pandoc. It worked well for a while so I didn't bother to change it.

Hugo is more than capable of replacing pandoc and all those scripts and I'm really happy with the final result. Maintaining the website in the long term will be much easier, which will allow me to focus on the website itself, and pick up the habit of writing more frequently on this blog.

Who knows, maybe I'll write something about one of the problems I faced when migrating the website and how Hugo's great set of features helped me solve it.