What I learned after SoME3

Tags: math

A week or so ago I submitted my video entry for the 2023 edition of the Summer of Math Exposition. Despite the amount of work involved, it was a very enjoyable experience and it's nice to receive feedback from other people. Here I want to share what I learned after pushing myself to work on something new, an educational video on Youtube:

Knowing something and knowing how to explain something are two different things. Often we forget that the topic we understand so well may be completely foreign to other people. It's good to put ourselves in other people's shoes and try to explain the topic as if we were new to it. Something yo think is common knowledge may not actually be, so it's better to explain it, even if it's too simple and intuitive for you.

Syncing audio and visuals is hard! I often talk faster or slower than I expect, so I had to constantly adjust the timing of the animations and visuals. Not too fast as to confuse the audience, and not too slow as to bore them.

Have a plan, but don't stick to it. As you progress new ideas and improvements will arise. So, the sooner you start working, the better, as your plan will have more time to change and improve before the deadline.

You will learn something new about the topic. The act of teaching will make you a better learner and give you a deeper understanding of the topic.