Adding a Notes section to my website

I added a new section to my website.

Two languages, two authors, two audiences

Sharing some of my struggles with keeping a site in two languages.

Dos idiomas, dos autores, dos audiencias

Comparto algunas de mis frustraciones de mantener un sitio web en dos idiomas.

The 2023 Annular Eclipse

The 2023 Annular Eclipse

Photographing the eclipse from the Yucatán Peninsula.

¿Escuchas a los Colibrís?

A casi diez meses de observar de cerca a los colibrís gracias a un bebedero que colgué afuera, he aprendido a reconocer los ruiditos que hacen, a tal punto que los escucho y veo más seguido en otras partes.

What I learned after SoME3

What I learned after SoME3

I share what I learned after participating at the Summer of Math Exposition

Creating the website, again...

Here we go again, reinventing the wheel one more time.

New tag: Lua

Making room for this small language on my blog.

Hugo is great, until...

Running into trouble with a tool I didn't create.

Why I'm creating my own animation engine (again)

Why I'm creating my own animation engine (again)

Introduction to a new project using Lua and SVG

¿Deberías llevar un diario?

Es difícil mantener un diario, pero vale la pena.

Lift - A small stack-based programming language

An incomplete introduction to a programming language I wrote for fun.

Listening to music while working

What do I listen to while working?

A guide to golfing in Lua

Tips for golfing in Lua

You should also define what software is not

Prevent projects from spiralling out of control with this one simple trick

Setting up a personal Lua library

A small Lua tutorial

Short is better than nothing

Just write, and then write some more.

Now Generated by Hugo

Un Cambio Dramático en el Paisaje

Un Cambio Dramático en el Paisaje

La diferencia entre la lluvia y la sequía.

Demystifying the Analemma

Demystifying the Analemma

Learn how analemmas work and are calculated.

Inkscape and D3.js for Map Makers

Inkscape and D3.js for Map Makers

Automating map making using Python and Javascript.

Programmatic SVG with Python

Programmatic SVG with Python

A Python module for creating SVG graphics and animations


Cambios a la estructura del sitio web.

Rasters and Vectors

Two different approaches to art and design.

El Paisaje Espacial

El Paisaje Espacial

¿Qué define a un paisaje donde no hay nada que ver?

Password managers: More necessary than ever

Privacy and security during remote work and learning



An unexpected astronomical visit.



Una inesperada visita astronómica.

Por qué debes querer a tu computadora: Independencia y control a través del software libre

Algunas ideas de cómo el software de código abierto nos puede ayudar a cambiar nuestra relación con la tecnología.

Why you should love your computer: Independence and control through free software

Some thoughts about how open source software can help us change our relationship with technology.